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Shine Like A Gem

Diamond Wash & Shine for ONLY $19.99+Tax
Ruby Wash at $12.99+Tax
Emerald Wash starting at $9.99+Tax

At Ruby Car Wash

Ruby Car Wash is conveniently located in the Town Centre Shopping Plaza at 2205 East Henrietta Road and Thompson Road in Rochester, New York.

Ruby Car Wash uses the best car washing products in the car wash industry to clean, protect, and make your vehicle shine, like a gem, after every wash. We provide Rochester vehicle owners the best value to protect their vehicle investments.

We offer three different levels of professional car wash services, from our basic Emerald Wash starting at $9.99+Tax to our mid-level Ruby Wash at $12.99+Tax to our fully-loaded top wash… the Diamond Wash & Shine for ONLY $19.99+Tax. All of our washes include FREE use of vacuums.

Become a member of Ruby Car Wash and with unlimited washes, you could stop by every day (weather permitting) for a wash and always have your vehicle shine like a gem! Unlimited Wash Club Memberships start as low as $19.99+Tax a month.

Ruby Car Wash also offers a variety of economical and customizable Fleet Program options that can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to join and start washing your fleet!

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